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Watkins Floorcare & Coatings can transform your floors. WFC is a professional surface restoration company serving the Stephenville, Granbury, Weatherford and surrounding area. We utilize the most advanced patented Hydro Steam Evacuation Cleaning technology for the purpose of restoring your man-made and natural stone surfaces to a like new finish.

Our high performance coating systems enable our clients to provide clean floors that look great and are simple, economical and efficient to maintain.

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  • Tile & Grout / Natural Stone
  • Carpet Cleaning by Hot Water Extraction & Low Moisture Encapsulation
  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Commercially Safe Environmental Pressure Washing
  • Protective Coatings – Protect surfaces, reduce maintenance & cleaning costs.

WFC also specializes in Siding & Metals, Roof & Building Exterior cleaning, Decks / Fences, Efflorescence Removal and Graffiti Removal

dirty tile and grout after cleaning
health & safety

Keeping floors clean in a consistent, efficient way keeps staff and visitors healthy and makes a great impression on guests. Since disease grows, spreads and travels on the floor, keeping them clean is the foundation of a healthy building.

Health – Wax is soft and porous, which makes for a good breeding ground for viruses. Stripping, buffing and burnishing spreads contamination onto surrounding floors/walls and into the air. Our coating system has anti-microbial qualities and improves indoor air quality.
Safety – Our coating systems exceed all OSHA safety standards. Rated as Providing “High Traction” by the National Floor Safety Institute.

our work

How we do it

  • Pre-Treatment – First we apply a deep cleaning solution that loosens up the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria.
  • Pressure – Contained high-pressure water to penetrate the toughest areas (200 – 3000 psi)
  • Heat – We can use up to 230 degrees of heat.
  • Vacuum – Our process removes the soil and dirty water off of your floors.

Our process removes dirt, grime, oil and bacteria from any hard surface.  We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions.  We are licensed and insured with OSHA Certified, Highly-Trained Experts to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Coating Advantage

Long Lasting

Unmatched strength, durability and wear resistance.

Low Maintenance

Never needs to be stripped, buffed or burnished.


Shields grout lines where contamination and odors collect.

Easy Cleanup

Easy to keep clean using just hot water.

Whole Area Protection

Creates a single-membrane over the entire surface.


Has anti-microbial qualities, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mold


Is highly chemical and abrasion resistant

Let us transform your floors! Contact us today to schedule an on-site visit. No job is too big or too small and our commitment to quality sets us apart!

Did You Know?

Restrooms Account For:

Non-Returning Customers
Looking for an ATP meter analysis?

We offer 3M Clean Trace ATP meters and analysis swabs.  Contact us for ATP Meter and swab pricing.

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dirty tile and grout before cleaningdirty tile and grout after cleaning

our clients say it best… 


  • I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results of my tile and grout.  The employees exhibited complete professionalism.  My floor was done in a very timely fashion and they gave me updates during the process so I would be aware when they were done.  The time and care they displayed will make me a returning customer for the future

    Whitney H. Denton, TX
  • Phenomenal job!  Very professional and reliable.  When I called this company they were very helpful and knowledgeable.  They answered all my questions and delivered great results!  I will definitely be using this company again!

    Diana J. Stephenville, TX

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